The Wonderful World of Archaeology

Bones being uncovered.

Archaeology is a science in which the history of mankind is revealed by analyzing the remains of artifacts that were left behind and forgotten about. It is extremely exciting, especially when you find something that has been buried for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Sometimes people confuse paleontologist with archaeologist. This is a common mistake. Paleontology is the study of fossil remains associated with dinosaurs. Indiana Jones was an archaeologist, but that is not what all archaeologists are like. One of the largest employers of archaeologist is the United States government. They hire the archaeologist in an effort to recover the remains of soldiers who diseappered in the line of duty. Some soldiers go missing during routine training exercises and these missing soldiers are not listed as MIA, or Missing in Action. These soldiers do not typically get the same attention as those who go missing during times of war, but are just as important to find their remains. Families of these soldiers are looking for closure just the same as other families. Currently, there are not enough archaeologist dedicated to this cause.

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