Welcome to Akira Mobley's Webpage

What is this page about

This page will address my future goals, and interests.

Website Design

During highschool, I took a marketing and web design class. Ever since sophomore year, I have wanted to create websites for businesses. During my senior year, I got a certification in HTMl.

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Logo Designer

I also want to create logos. In class, I would have to design logos for our marketing. It wasn't until senior year when I realized I really enjoyed making logos. I enjoy creating beautiful designs and want to get more into that.

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Business Brander

I also enjoyed creating flyers, brochures, and business cards. In marketing and web design, my teacher would create fake businesses for us to create a website for along with other forms of advertisement. During this experience, I learned how to put together a matching theme for the items I had to work on.

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