Studio Cervezas

Who We Are

Studio Cervezas is a recording studio with a small home brewerey and cigar lounge attached to it. We provide a variety of different services such as, recording, mixing, voice overs, some video work, and masterclasses. Our goal is to provide clients with the best possible service that they seek out and make their dream come true. We want everyone to leave with a smile on their face becuase we will do everything we can to please the client. Our home brew section is made up of a few small rooms where beer is brewed and being made as we speak. The final room is for our clients and the public to come sit and visit. It is made up of tables and couches. We currently offer 6 beers and are planning on brainstorming more. Our cigar lounge is connected to the home brew section and is there for maximum levels of relaxation. There are a variety of cigars to choose from. With so much to offer there is no better place to come hang than Studio Cervezas.



  1. Logic Pro X
  2. iMac Dual Monitors


  1. 2 Audio Technica AT2020
  2. 1 RODE NT1000
  3. 2 AKG C414
  4. 1 RODE NT1A
  5. 2 Shure SM7B
  6. 10 Shure SM58
  7. 5 Shure SM57
  8. 1 Shure KSM44
  9. 1 Shure KSM32


  1. PRS SE
  2. Fender Stratocaster
  3. Taylor 114ce


  1. Gretsch Catilina Club Maple
  2. Mapex Mars
  3. Zlidjian A Custom Cymbals

*feel free to bring your own equipment

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