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Graphic Designer
What would the world be without the Graphic Arts? It would be boring. Graphic Design and everything that it ties into is something that we see every day. It's what makes anything we buy, wear, see, etc. appealing. Sometimes, a great design alone can be the reason a person buys that specific product. They'll say "Wow that one 'looks' nice," and proceeds to buy it. Companies usually like to work with their graphic designer that's on payroll, or what they can do is hire a graphics firm. A graphics firm is a team of designers that work together to create amazing artwork that a company can use to sell their product. Designers produce many things such as company logos, decals for sports teams, even the layout of your favorite book or magazine. They do all these incredible things using today's top of the line technology. Of course it usually starts out with pencil and paper, then transfered onto the computer. Designers have many different programs they can use to design many different things. Adobe provides a lot of those programs such as, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. There are other non-Adobe programs as well, used to create websites, etc. Graphic Design is the combination between art and technology. As technology grows, what we can do with art will also expand.
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