Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alexandra Robert, and I am a future educator. I am currently a junior at California University of Pennsylvania. I am working for my Bachelor's degree in Technology Education and an Associate's degree in Graphics and Multimedia. This website will act as my online portfolio for those who are wanting to learn more about my past experiences, my education, and myself. I have always wanted to be able to share in this way, and now I finally can. I hope you enjoy what you see!


Also, I would like to mention that this website was created by myself. This website is about me, and I figured there was no better way to share this information with you other than that of a website made by me using Adobe Muse. I love expressing myself in these ways and I hope you will enjoy it, too. I strongly encourage you to explore the world of html and Adobe Muse with me. I learned by allowing myself to get lost in the code and having fun. I believe that this type of exploration can be a very interactive and effective way to learn.

This picture shows me laying in the leaves.

Main Interests of Study