Hello! My name is Alana Steinmetz.

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio!

I am extremely passionate about design and I truly hope that you will see that once you have finished looking at my portfolio.

  1. book covers for a childrens book

    My task here was to design book covers for a series of books. These are a series of four childrens book that were all written by the same author and usually come in a pack together.

  2. business card for a djing company
  3. This is a business card that I designed for a deejay that he is able to handout whenever he is deejaying events.

  4. a suicide awareness poster
  5. My task here was to design a poster for a good cause and/or message. I chose to do it on suicide awareness and focus specifically on how even though the statistics are important, the people who make up those statistics are still people and not just numbers.

  6. shoe that is covered in Disney charactes
  7. This is part of an assignment that I was given when I was in technical school for design. The assignmment was that we were given an artist, animator, painter, etc. and we had to design a shoe based off of their work. The person that I was given was Walt Disney.

  8. drawing of a hallway
  9. This is a drawing of a hallway in Vulcan hall that I did. The assignment was to draw a portion of the hallway of the building that we were in.

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