Steps to My Future Business


My name is Julie Strotman and I am a freshman at Cal U. I am majoring in Graphic and Multimedia, I plan on using my four years here at Cal U to learn how to design and market my own future products. I want to launch my very own swimsuit brand. I have not yet decided on a name for my brand, but I still have plenty time to figure that out. I'll be taking classes that will teach me how to advertise, promote, and help me sell my swimsuits. How do I get my designs and prints I've created on a computer, to the actual product itself? And how do I mass produce them? I hope to learn the answers to my questions here at school, and I am confident that I will. Ill even learn how to calculate the cost of producing each swimsuit. Once I graduate I will have all the knowledge needed to start my own business!

Business Plan


My swimsuit brand will have multiple collections. A new collection every year. For example, a collection for summer 2018 then one for summer 2019 and so on and so on. It will have a wide variety of styles, patterns and prints. Each piece will be unique and unlike any other. My collections will have floral prints, solid colors, and be very exotic.

Future Possibilities


With my degree in Graphic and Multimedia I will be able to create many of my own resources for my business. Things such as business cards, logos, website, design product packaging, promo flyers and graphics.