Welcome to Vindex Design!


Vindex Design is a independent small graphics and printing company encompassing the broad spectrum of creating interesting and appealing various visual communications. As a company we design such things as logos and marketing advertisements. The Vindex company strives to help our clients achieve the goals of what they want and bring their creations to life.


What We Do


We are a full-service graphic and printing company that has the ability to design and create

logos, marketing materials, magazine, banners, advertisements, etc. We have the ability to help

our clients build up any design or idea from scratch. We help our clients develops their dreams

and make marketing materials that can help there business soar to skies.


Our Services


  • Creating Logos
  • Developing Marketing Materials
  • Creating Magazine Covers or Ads
  • Creating Banners
  • Help Achieve Our Clients Dreams


Contact Us At:

290 Apple Street, Florence, WV

Phone Number:725-678-9012

Fax: 725-987-623