Welcome ~ Ryan's Pottery Shop

What We do

Welcome to Ryan's Potery Shop webpage! Here you will find information about how what kind of work we do and what to expect from all of our projects. We work on a variety of functional and sculptural projects for others and ourselves. Along with makeing stuff ourselves we offer classes and workshops for others to come and learn about the pottery making process.

What Kind of Custom Work Do We Do?

Workshops and Events

We offer a wide variety of workshops and events that are centered around making functional ceramic pieces. Workshops are availble about one a month and often involve special firing methods or guest artists to show their own techniques to help other gain inspiration and develop their own work further. Events are everyother week where we have activities that are catered to beginners and those who are just looking for a fun weekend activity. Events range from simple things like galzing a pre-made piece or basic throwing ro slab buliding teqniques.

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