My Story


Hello, My name is Brenden Wiatrak and I have some big dreams. My main goal is to become a successful teacher at the highschool level. I would like to see all of my stdents complete multiple projects of their original design. I understand that some students may come to my class without chosing to take my course. However, i hope that each one of my future students walk away with more knowledge and somewhat of a passion for design and construction. With this being said, in the future there are a few buisness ideas.

  • Robotics Lab
  • Compete against Tesla
  • The next Steve Jobs
  • This Website is an overview of my life's goals and dreams. Comapcted all into this one website are my goals and dreams along with a section of what you may call "about the author". I thank you for coming to my Website and hope you enjoy this read.

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